…His justifiable raising profile is scaring the living dayligh out of others. Victims from both side of the coin.

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

Is indeed normal and naturally unexpected to see how the all powerful Deputy Senate President is making the Kano State political actors from his own party and opposition jittery, unsettled, shivering, confused and terrified with him going by the nature of his powerful and influencial position, but more ironic to his adversaries is his massive delivery of dividends of democracy which has been rated and justifiably so as the most effective, huge and colossal that cant be compared with any politicians doing in the entire state since advent of this current political dispensation.

But a keen observer my naturally feel curious and demand to know why such a noble gesture and influencial position be a threat to other political gladiators? The logical answer could surely be political ambition, for there are huge abundance of political power seekers from all front who are nursing ambition of seeking a particular position of the exalted seat of State No1 Citizen, and for no fault his, the said victim of their massive attacks is known to be nursing a long nurtured desire to goverrn the state at an approprite time. As such any observe can smell the genesis of their discomfort.

But the all powerful politician is no doubt a smooth political operator who has carve a ninth for himself as one of the most successful and finest politicians in the country with amazing and mind-blowing political success going by the number of elective positions he held over the years and reputed to have won every contest with massive majority. And astonishingly, he always found himself in the midst of privilege principal officers both in the Federal House of Representatives and Senate. Not just been a principal officer but one who held Chairmanship of several (so-called) juicy committees. And everything culminated into his present ultimate position as the fifth most powerful citizen of the entire nation. What’s an achiever!

There is no gainsaying the fact that despite the political shenanigans, intrigues, manipulation, intense manoeuvre, cajoling, threat, intense political war, financial inducement, treachery, high-level plots and counterplot that trailed and herald the recent election of the leaders of the legislative chamber, Maliya adoption and recommendation by the ruling party to serve as a Deputy Senate President was greeted and accepted with deepening applause, commendation and acceptance by the entire members of the party including oppositions members and the nation in general.

In a need to know the genesis and the sparking light that engrossed the political actors in the state, let me take you for a ride to discover more about this unique, humble, generous, philanthropist, eloquent, fearless , financially loaded, intellectually endowed and undisputed master of the game of politics.

Is indeed no secret that entire globe was abreast with heated arguments, diverse opinions and uncompromising stances and opposition against the choice of the Senate President which was vehemently challenged by the powerful clique who were hell-bent in ensuring that their prepared candidate, Senator Abdulaziz Yari emerged as the president irrespective of the stand and open adoption of Akpabio by the ruling party with the consent of our active and serious-minded President Bola Tinubu. They remained adamant and turned a deep ear to the points raised by the leaders which favour Akpabio due do it’s political relevance aimed at ensuring justice, equity and the need of balancing to ensure fairness and replicate the sense of belonging.

As it was then tense up, supporters and opposition group stuck to their gun, an election was conducted and votes were casted during the historic election which brought the President and his deputy on board. But one thing worthy of note and insightful acknowledgement was the fact that Senator Barau Maliya goes through the rigorous and super-tense election unopposed and naturally won unopposed.

Attaining such position unopposed without any challenger from all parties is indeed a no mean task. It signified general acceptance by all members and a clear testimony to his capability and capacity to deliver. Such a marvellous scenario led many to the cocoon of curiosity wondering what was so special and unique about such a Senator that made him stand out from the crowd? How was he able to gain such respect, support and exceptional rapport with distinguished members both old inhabitants and the newly initiated?

But there is nothing to be surprised of as Senator Maliya was not a novice or new to the legislative inner happenings and activists, for he is fortunated enough to have been a member of House of Representatives and subsequently Senate chamber. In all the chambers the distinguished Senator graced, he made name for himself as an astute politician with an awesome diplomatic approach to all issues. An active participant in debate and presentations of bills upon bills, he is also blessed with an incredible friendly gesture which made him establish a strong bond and genuine friendship which ultimately attracted him to all members irrespective of party affiliation. No wonder, when he was a member of the Federal House of Representatives, he was then chosen to served as Chairman Finance Committee and later Appropriation at the House of Representatives. And same with the Senate where he was a Chairman of an influential and powerful Appropriation Committee during 9th Assembly era and culminated to his present position as Deputy Senate President in the current dispensation.

The Dsp has distinguished himself among his peers through his noble actions and inactions. He is justifiably credited and acknowledged as the most productive and result-oriented Senator that executed an uncountable number of projects to the people of his senatorial zone. His gesture has also transcend his zone alone but cut across all nook and crannies of the state. One the few politicians that remarkably dedicated their whole in creating a legacies through the genuine execution of an uncountable number of constitutional projects. One of the very rare and few elective posts holders who can be counted and commended for fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities that were reposed upon them by the people of their constituency.

We can vividly remember that he tirelessly work hard and placed everything in motion to seek the ticket of Governorship election during the last election. Every party members and electorate knows that he is indeed a competent and formidable candidate who has a massive fellowship in the entire state. But the political shenanigans intrigues, and other variables best known to the party keep unfolding prior to the primary election. No need to dwell more on this as its aftermath was an open secret. But admiringly, the former Governor made a political master struck based on personal sacrifice and decided to ditch his Senatorial ticket and allowed Maliya to contest, for they all are from the same zone. A sensitive move was made to placate the said Senator Maliya. It’s also a clear demonstration and indication of his political value and relevance which no party would dare take the risk of losing him to vultures that keep circulating and waiting to punch if an inevitable happens.

Sensibly and intellectually, man acknowledges the magnanimity of Ganduje’s gesture and as such remains a strong pillar and diehard Ganduje loyalties. And note that despite the political disaster that befall the party due to the emergence of New Nigerian People Party( NNPP) led by the former Kwankwaso, which did a devastating blow which, out of the three Senatorial seat, only Barau’s was able to left unscathed and won his seat after a marvellous triumphed with massive votes despite the opposition maddening effort to grab his seat.

Here is a hidden bone of contention didn’t visualize. Going by the constitution of the ruling party, a high-ranking political officeholder of the party is assumed to be the leader of the party in the state. And it is now vividly clear that the distinguished Senator is now the leader of the party in the state, but due to his humility, simple-minded nature and undiluted loyalty, he ceded and refused to act or acknowledge such privilege by openly ceded that recognition to our highly achieving past governor of the state and current Nation Chairman of the party, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

It’s noteworthy to consider this as a blessing and thing of pride to the entire people of the Northwest, Kano and the nation in general to have such a political glittering star on such a sensitive position who without an iota of doubt would once more prove to be an effective politician that would ensure a colossal abundance of a dividend of democracy to the entire region.

It’s indeed a pity and the need of sympathy towards his adversaries who are naturally jittery and wallowing in fear over the huge popularity, acceptance and booming profile of the man for he may decided to try his luck and fulfilled his long-term ambition. It would naturally and anticipatory walkover and easy win when the rampaging lion decide to surge into the jungle to grab his deserving seat.

Only time would tell…..

Shariff Aminu Ahlan writes from kano.
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